GoFundMe Campaign

Please support the Go Fund Me campaign organised by Founder and Chairman of the ICHR Tracey O’Mahony.

Extract taken from Go Fund Me “My name is Tracey O’ Mahony and I am a Barrister-at-Law, like many of you I have become increasingly concerned with the Irish Government’s erosion of our fundamental human rights through the introduction of Covid-19 related laws, since March of this year.

Since the enactment of the Health (Preservation and Protection and Other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act, 2020 on 20 March 2020 (which was rushed through both houses of the Oireachtas in 48 hours), the Irish Government have sought to increase their control over the Irish public through the introduction of laws which have:

  • determined for what reason you could leave your home (in violation of your right to freedom of movement and assembly);
  • determined what businesses could remain open (in violation of your right to earn a living);
  • determined that you could travel no further than 2km from your home for exercise (in violation of your right to freedom of movement) and in circumstances where our ports and airports remained open;
  • determined that schools must close (in violation of the right to education for your children);
  • determined that Churches must close (in violation of your right to practise your religion);
  • determined that you must wear a face covering in order to use public transport and in order to gain entry to indoor retail outlets (in violation of your right to bodily integrity).”

Link to full campaign can be found here: