Face Coverings – Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Petition

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Petition

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (the “Commission”) was established in 2014 with the statutory role of protecting and promoting human rights and equality in Ireland. The Commission also has a specific role to work to combat discrimination and promote equal opportunities in the areas covered by the Equal Status Acts.

The importance of the functions of the Commission in combating discrimination in 2020 cannot be understated. In 2020, we have been witness to a most vocal and unapologetic form of discrimination against person unable to wear Face Coverings arising from a disability, however, we have not heard any condemnation from organisations whose sole reason for functioning and funding is the protection and promoting of human rights. To say this is worrying cannot be overstated.

Today we ask you to sign our Petition, which we shall use to lobby the Commission to refer a complaint to the WRC. In this regard, please note that section 23 of the Equal Status Acts states that if it appears to the Commission that prohibited conducted, which includes discrimination, is being generally directed against persons (an example being the widespread discrimination currently being suffered around the country by persons unable to wear face coverings), then the Commission may refer such a complaint to the WRC and in which case the Commission shall be the complainant.

Link to sign petition: https://www.openpetition.eu/ie/petition/online/disability-discrimination-in-ireland

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